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With traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels, more Texans are taking to the roads. Some are commuting to work, while others are anxious to sneak in a little more vacation time prior to the coming of fall.

Those who choose to travel on I-45 might want to exercise caution, if not pay more attention to the vehicles around them. According to Budget Direct, the well-traveled interstate ranks first among the deadliest roads in the United States.

A deadly stretch

A study conducted by the auto insurance company analyzed information from government websites and transport associations. Their findings reveal that for every 100 miles of roadway from Galveston to Dallas, 56.5 fatal accidents occur.

Statewide, the daily average of deaths on the road is 10.7, according to Texas Transportation Commissioner Laura Ryan. Nearly 400,000 fatalities occurred on state roads, with more than 300,000 travelers suffering serious injuries.

The reason for the seemingly countless numbers of injuries and deaths are all too common and include busy roads and drivers simply not paying all that much attention to their surroundings. Many are more interested in what is on their smart device than what is ahead of them.

Efforts to improve and expand I-45 have been met with resistance. Officials in Harris County filed suit against the Texas Department of Transportation to stop a proposed $7 billion expansion.

Whether it involves the quality of roads, drivers continuing to be complacent, or negligent operation of motor vehicles, accidents on interstates with motor vehicles operating at significant speeds presents deadly dangers. In a split second, accidents occur that leave victims injured or worse.

The help of a personal injury attorney can not “wind back the clock,” but it can be the first step in securing compensation.